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July 21, 2014

Data rates in Saudi Arabia and Iceland have been reduced. Saudi Arabia is now also available for the data bundles of our international SIM cards.

July 18, 2014

We have expanded the coverage of our international SIM cards. Calling and texts are now available in Tajikistan and Equatorial Guinea. Data coverage has been added to Equatorial Guinea and Malawi.

July 7, 2014

*IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR TRAVELERS TO THE USA* In response to new information from the Department of Homeland Security, the US Transport Security Administration (TSA) has announced new security measures for passengers carrying electronic devices. Effective immediately, any passenger flying into the US from certain airports may be asked to switch on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or similar device to prove that it works. If the device does not have power, it will not be allowed on the flight, and its owner may be subject to additional screening. While the TSA have not said which departure destinations are listed as of particular concern, passengers from both Britain and Belgium have reported being subjected to these measures. Other reports suggest that iPhone and Galaxy devices have come under specific scrutiny. If you are flying to the US from any destination, we suggest you ensure that you check ALL electronic devices to ensure that they can power up and down, and remember to pack your charger. In the event that your device does not power up as expected, you still have a number of options. You can go back to the airline and place the item in a checked bag, and some airports have postal facilities that will allow you to post the item home to yourself. Additionally, you can keep it in your car (if you are parked at the airport) or give it to a family member (if they are there to see you off). Please note: if you do not take advantage of these options and the device is confiscated, it will be considered excess government property and you will probably not see it again.

July 4, 2014

New data country! Zimbabwe now has data coverage with our international SIM cards, also available with data bundles for even lower rates.

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