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We're currently working on a new and improved US SIM, stay tuned!

Take advantage of domestic unlimited talk and text across the USA with LTE data on a monthly prepaid plan.

Add credit as you need for low-cost international talk & text rates. Supersize your data by adding a 1GB or 2GB LTE data pack.

Simply fit this prepaid USA SIM Card into an unlocked cell phone and share your dedicated USA number with family and friends.

Domestic Talk & Text Unlimited Domestic Talk & Text
Unlimited LTE Data Unlimited Data
with all 30 day plans
Prepaid USA SIM Card Coverage in USA
and to over 80 countries

Choose your plan

Talk & Text
Unlimited Plus Plan USA SIM Card
Unlimited 2GB @4G LTE SPEED
30 Days
Starter Plan USA SIM Card
14 Days

All plans include

Prepaid USA SIM Card Phone

Unlimited domestic talk

Take advantage of unlimited domestic calls at any time of the day and any day of the week across the entire USA. There are no restrictions on inbound and outbound calls, and the length of call is up to you. Includes free calls to our 24/7 customer service team.
USA SIM Card voicemail

Unlimited domestic text

Telestial offers free unlimited domestic text messages. This includes incoming and outgoing texts across the USA to any mobile carrier.
USA SIM Card LTE speeds

Unlimited data with LTE speeds

Purchase an Unlimited or Unlimited Plus plan and you’ll benefit from unlimited data. LTE data is throttled once the 1GB or 2GB data bundle is exhausted. Continue accessing high speed data with the purchase of an additional bundle.
USA SIM Card International Rates

Low-cost international talk & text rates

International call rates from the USA start at 19c per minute to more than 80 countries and 9c per text message thanks to your dedicated local phone number. Use the Rate Finder for more information.
USA SIM Card Prepaid Plans

Prepaid plans

Plan expiry is set to either 14 or 30 days from activation which includes additional talk, text and data bundles purchased during this period. Use the Travel App to track your balance and you’ll receive text message notifications in the lead up to your monthly prepaid balance expiry.
USA SIM Card BYO Device

BYO device

The one-size-fits-all USA SIM Card is designed to plug into any cell phone device. Use your own LTE capable device, or purchase an affordable travel cell phone from Telestial.


International Talk & Text

Credit for International talk & texts can be purchased at any time

Make Calls (per min) Send Texts
19c* 9c

* $0.19 in over 80 countries. For a full list of rates see here.

SIM Information

SIM Size One size fits all devices
Expiration SIM card is valid for 2 years after the last billable use. Balance does not expire, except when SIM card expired for not being used for over 2 years.

LTE Data

Add LTE data to your existing plan. Choose from 1GB or 2GB add-ons.


Purchasing a new data add-on will increase the LTE data allowance till the end of the plan.

100% Money Back Guarantee on USA SIM Card Lifetime International and USA SIM Protection


The USA SIM Card offers coverage in US, Hawaii and Puerto Rico. Use the map below to see if your destination is covered by our LTE data speed services.

To view a large version Click Here or 3G only map, 4G only map

Please Note:The USA SIM card is not designed for international roaming. It will not work in Alaska, Canada or Mexico.

Get an unlocked android handset for the US with UNLIMITED Data*, calls and texts for only $99 *1GB at LTE speeds
Unlimited US Phone Packages
  • BLU 4L Advance
    (4G LTE Data-ready)
  • US SIM Card with
    Unlimited Plan
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