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Data SIM - International Data from $0.10/MB

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Data SIM with 200MB

Credit: 200MB

JT Hotspot + Data SIM with 200MB

Credit: 200MB
Save $43

Data SIM with 200MB + JT Tab Tablet

Credit: 200MB
Save $39

Data SIM with 1GB

Credit: 1GB

JT Hotspot + Data SIM with 1GB

Credit: 1GB
Save $29

Data SIM with 1GB + JT Tab Tablet

Credit: 1GB
Save $39

The Data SIM is an All-In-One SIM, which comes in three sizes (Standard, Micro and Nano) to fit any device. Simply pop the Data SIM in your unlocked cellphone, smartphone or tablet and you're ready to go.

We also offer a Personal WiFi device, the JT Hotspot, as an option to compliment the service. Its battery provides up to 5 hours of active Wi-Fi use, so you're not tied to a power outlet. It's smaller and lighter than most mobile phones, so it fits easily in a pocket or purse, on a table, or anywhere you need a fast internet connection during your trip. Connect up to 10 Wi-Fi compatible devices to your JT Hotspot and share your high-speed 3G Internet connection using its built-in 3G modem. There is also a handy MicroSD card slot which means it doubles up as a flash memory device. So if you're traveling with a smartphone, tablet, laptop or all three, you and anyone else you like will be able to access the web on all your devices at once!

Userguide for the JT Hotspot