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Europe SIM Card

Europe SIM Card

Europe SIM Card with coverage across 50 Europe countries + 140 Global travel destinations

Europe SIM Card for Calls, Texts and Data

Easily connect with friends and family while you travel to any of the 50 European countries plus 140 Global destinations covered by the Europe SIM Card.

Make a call as if you were back home with direct call through technology, saving you up to 90% on European roaming charges, with zero connection fees. Data in Europe is only 25c per MB plus you get one flat rate for calls and texts, starting at 35c per call and text. Simple to understand, simple to use.

With $10 included credit to get you started, the one-size-fits-all European SIM Card is suitable for use in any unlocked cell phone or wifi device.

It's fast and easy to add more prepaid credit anytime, online or over the phone through our 24/7 customer support team. With the Telestial Europe SIM Card we've got you covered.

$19.00 with $10 Credit Add to Cart Free Shipping when you recharge your travel SIM with more than $30 in the checkout

Rates and Coverage

Prepaid Europe SIM Card provides you with straightforward roaming rates by region. All talk, text and data are charged at one rate, with coverage extending to over 190 countries including airlines and over 150 cruise ships.


Click on a flag to get rates or search for your country below:

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  • French Flag France
  • Flag of Germany Germany
  • Flag of Greece Greece
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland
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  • Flag of Spain Spain
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
  • Flag of Great Britain UK
  • Flag of The United States of America USA

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Data Plans

Save 300% with a data plan! Add a Zone-A or Zone-B Data Plan which compliments your itinerary. Click to add to your International SIM Card:

Zone-A Plans Works in 60+ Countries
250MB ($0.08 per MB)
Expires in 14 days
1GB ($0.07 per MB)
Expires in 30 days
2GB ($0.06 per MB)
Expires in 30 days
Zone-B Plans Works in 120+ Countries
250MB ($0.12 per MB)
Expires in 14 days
500MB ($0.1 per MB)
Expires in 14 days
1GB ($0.09 per MB)
Expires in 30 days

Travel SIM Information

SIM Size One size fits all devices
User GuideDownload (PDF)
Expiration Learn More


Dedicated International Phone NumberGlobal SIM Phone Number

Each Prepaid Europe SIM Card comes with a British Isles +44 phone number. Share the number with family and friends, or set up call forwarding of your existing number offering you more travel flexibility.

One Flat Rate For EuropeLow cost Prepaid SIM rates

Calls and texts in Europe start at only 35c

Free Shipping At CheckoutFREE Next day shipping of Europe SIM Card

Simply select from $30, $50 or $100 airtime credit during checkout to receive FREE shipping with your prepaid European SIM Card.

Easily Track Your BalanceTrack balance of Prepaid European SIM Card

Download our easy to use FREE travel app to manage your account from anywhere and track your balances!

Pay-As-You-Go Prepaid Europe SIM CardPrepaid Europe SIM

Our Prepaid European travel SIM card has no connection fees - $0, no monthly fees - $0 and no hidden charges - $0. You pay for what you need and never get any surprises!


Easy to Use

"This card is easy to use, just insert the card in your phone, wait for it to connect to a local service, and direct dial the number you want (don't have to dial a number and wait for a call back to place a call like some sim cards with more complicated procedures)."

4 Star Review Prepaid European SIM

(Amazon - May 2015)

Works exactly as advertised
"I have used both local SIMs (e.g., Lebara) and this European SIM card, and I would use this card again if taking a multi-country trip. If going to one country for any extended period of time, it makes much more sense to get a local SIM."

4 Star Review European SIM

(Amazon - July 2015)

Easy to install
"This Europe SIM card worked in Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Easy to install. Just follow instruction on the SIM card package. Just need a phone with SIM card slot and have a factory unlocked dual or GSM phone."

5 Star Review Prepaid Europe SIM

(Amazon - June 2015)

100% Money Back Guarantee on Global SIM Lifetime International SIM Protection

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