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Europe SIM Card

    • Low Rates in over 25 European Destinations
    • Make: $0.25/min within Europe
    • Receive: $0.25/min
    • Premium calling experience, make calls like you normally do at home.
    • No connection fee
    • Send: $0.25 within Europe
    • Receive: $0.25
    • $0.25/MB within Europe
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Explorer SIM Card

    • Best Rates in over 190 Travel Destinations
    • Make: from $0.15/min
    • Receive: as low as FREE
    • No connection fee
    • Send: from $0.15
    • Receive: as low as FREE
    • From $0.35/MB
    • As low as $0.12/MB with Data Bundles

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Taking your tablet overseas?

If you're going overseas and need access to the internet, email or your social networks, the International Data SIM is for you.