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How to dial the number in the country

Which country's phone number is provided on the Telestial SIM?

Will a Telestial Pure international SIM card work with my mobile phone?

Can I keep receiving calls made to my regular cell phone or landline numbers while traveling abroad?

How do I tell if my phone is locked or unlocked?

What is the difference between Telestial Pure World, Pure Europe and Pure Data SIM cards?

Can I browse the Internet, check emails, use Whatsup, Facebook and other apps from my Telestial phone?

Does Telestial offer maritime service on cruise ships or ferries?

Is there a contract to sign with Telestial?

Will your SIM card fit my phone?

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Is there a 911 emergency number in Europe that can be used with Telestial Pure service?

What is the difference between Telestial and OneSimCard services

I currently have a Telestial SIM with UK number that starts with 44-7. Can Telestial Pure provide service on such SIM?

How to make and receive calls with Telestial Pure SIM cards?

How to send and receive SMS ( Texts) with Telestial Pure SIM cards.

How to activate and set up the mobile data service on my mobile device or tablet?

Is there a voice mail service?

Can I upgrade my Telestial SIM to OneSimCard?

How to make a call with Telestial Pure World SIM?

How can I contact Customer Support?

Is there a foreign country telephone codes reference with dialing instructions?

I just registered the SIM, installed it in the phone and it does not work. What should I do?