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Pure Europe SIM Card

Pure Europe SIM Card

Best International SIM Card for Europe with coverage in over 60 countries

Europe SIM Card for Calls, Texts and Data

Easily connect with friends and family while you travel to any of the 60+ countries in Europe plus North America and many other destinations covered by the Europe SIM Card.

Make a call as if you were back home with direct call through technology (No callback), saving you up to 87% on European roaming charges, with zero connection fees. Data in Europe from only 1c per MB, plus you get one flat rate for calls and texts starting at 39c per minute of calling and 25c per text. Simple to understand, simple to use.

The one-size-fits-all European SIM Card is suitable for use in any unlocked cell phone or wifi device.

It's fast and easy to add more prepaid credit anytime online or from your Telestial Mobile phone. With the Telestial Europe SIM Card we've got you covered.

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No Fees on Prepaid International SIM Card

No hidden fees

Our global international travel SIM card has no connection fees and no hidden charges. You pay for what you need and never get any surprises! SIM card balance does not expire. The only additional fee is $1.99 /month deducted from your prepaid balance. If there is no funds on the SIM, there is no monthly charge.
Check Balance and Add Funds Anytime

Check Balance and Add Funds Anytime

Top up your global travel SIM Card as you go by adding extra airtime credit or a data plan. Prepay credit and you'll avoid bill shock!
Data Packages

Data Packages

Save even more money with optional data packages, which can be ordered at any time.
Best Network with International SIM Card

Worldwide country coverage

Access to hundreds of networks across 60+ countries.
US or Canada Phone Number

US or Canada Phone Number

Your Prepaid International SIM Card comes with a US or Canadian phone number based on your residence. Receiving calls on US or Canada phone number in Europe is 10 cent /min.

Rates and Coverage

Prepaid Europe SIM Card provides you with straightforward roaming rates by country. Coverage in 60+ countries.


Click on a flag to get rates or search for your country below:

  • Flag of Norway Norway
  • Austrian Flag Austria
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal
  • Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
  • Flag of Czech Republic Czech Rep
  • French Flag France
  • Flag of Germany Germany
  • Flag of Greece Greece
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland
  • Flag of Romania Romania
  • Flag of Italy Italy
  • Flag of Finland Finland
  • Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
  • Flag of Turkey Turkey
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden
  • Flag of Spain Spain
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
  • Flag of Great Britain UK
  • Flag of The United States of America USA

Tell us which countries you plan to visit:

Maximum of 5 countries allowed
Please remove a country to add another destination to the list.
Country Data Calls Texts

Rates are charged per min, text & MB.
View Rate Finder for full rates.


Data Plans

Save 300% with a data plan! Add a Data Plan which compliments your itinerary. Click to add to your International SIM Card:

Zone-A Plans Works in 40+ Countries
1GB ($0.02 per MB)
Expires 30 days after activation
2GB ($0.02 per MB)
Expires 30 days after activation
Zone-EU Plans Works in 30+ Countries
5000MB ($0.01 per MB)
Expires 14 days after activation
10000MB ($0.01 per MB)
Expires 14 days after activation
100% Money Back Guarantee on USA SIM Card


International Data Plans

You can save even more on data rates with our prepaid data plans. Simply add a desired plan to your SIM card during checkout and you are ready to go. Enjoy highly discounted data rates to access the internet and download data in Europe and around the world!

Zone-A Plan Zone-EU Plan

40+ countries

Includes: majority of Europe, USA and Australia

Duration: 30 days

Renewable: Yes

30+ countries

Includes: Europe

Duration: 14 days

Renewable: Yes

Data Options
1GB - $19.95
2GB - $35.00
5000MB - $29.00
10000MB - $59.00

Alternatively, your pay-as-you-go credit will allow you to access the internet in over 60+ countries. View the rate finder.

Add Airtime Credit

It is fast and easy to add more pre-paid credit anytime either from your on-line account or from your Telestial mobile phone. With our travel SIM card, we've got you covered worldwide.

Travel SIM Information

SIM Size One size fits all devices
Expiration SIM card is valid for 2 years after the last billable use. Balance does not expire, except when SIM card expired for not being used for over 2 years.

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