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Global Data for Travel

Travel the globe knowing you can access data from anywhere in the world. Smartphone travel apps and web based resources are designed to enhance our travel experiences. With easy access to global data there is no need to rely on unstable or unsafe wifi networks. Data bill shock is becoming increasingly common and you'll never have to worry about this again with your prepaid International SIM service!

Prepaid Data Plans - Save Even More on Data

We've taken the most popular travel destinations and grouped them into Zones to bring you affordable data plans. By adding an international data plan to your SIM, you can take advantage of low-cost per MB rates from as low as 2c!


Data Use 250MB 500MB 1GB 2GB
(approx 50kb per message)
Uploading photos
(approx 1.5MB per photo)
(approx 1-2 minutes of use)
Web surfing
(approx 2.5MB per minute)
Streaming music
(approx 1-2MB per minute)
Streaming videos
(approx 2-6MB per minute)
Your plan won't last long if you use this service

IMPORTANT! All data usage examples are estimates and should only be used as a guide. Your device may download more data than indicated. Be aware that some mobile apps may utilize mobile data without you specifically using them.

Data plans are valid for 30 days (1GB and 2GB plan) from first use.

If you purchase a Data Plan matching the same zone as your existing plan, your new plan will be queued for future use. The new plan will activate on first use and once the previous plan is exhausted or has expired.

If you purchase a plan with a different zone to your existing plan, the existing plan will be immediately expired.

Click to add a data plan to your International SIM Card.

Prepaid Credit for data

If coverage for your destination isn't offered by a Zone data plan, no problem! Use your prepaid credit for talk, text and data.