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inmarsat iSatPhone Pro

The iSatPhone Pro delivers on the promise that satellite phones can be both affordable and reliable, by combining a durable handset with groundbreaking low airtime rates.

Utilizing inmarsat, one of the world's leading satellite communications, the iSatPhone Pro offers exceptionally clear voice quality and an unprecedented ease of use. It offers an intuitive GSM-style interface, a high-visibility color screen and a larger keypad for easy dialing with gloves on.

The imarsat iSatPhone Pro is one of the smallest and lightest satellite phones available in the market. It offers the essential services expected from a satellite phone: telephony, voicemail, text and email messaging and GPS location data.


  • Extensive global coverage
  • Durable satellite phone for the adventurous traveler
  • GPS location data
  • 24 hour technical support
  • Free Incoming Calls
  • 1 Year Warranty (includes parts and labor)
  • Outgoing Call Rate: From $0.85 per minute from anywhere in the world
  • Text Messaging (Free Incoming)
  • Voicemail
  • Our Recommendation: You should get this phone if you need an economical, portable, handheld satellite phone


This map depicts Inmarsat's expectations of coverage . This map does not represent a guarantee of service. The availability of service at the edge of coverage fluctuates depending on various conditions.

Inmarsat complies with US embargo restrictions and as a result the following countries may not permit the use of Inmarsat satellite phones or coverage may not be available: Cuba, Iran, North Korea. For some countries a permit is required in order to possess and operate a satellite phone, i.e. China, India, Myanmar. Please check either with the state department or local authorities if a permit is required.

inmarsat iSatPhone Pro

inmarsat iSatPhone Pro

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