North America SIM Card

If you're heading to the USA and are looking to make savings on your mobile bill, you can't do better than our 4G USA SIM card. Stay connected as soon as you land with calls and texts charged at local rates, as well as a choice of competitive calling and data bundles.

Calls (per min) Texts
Local International Receive Send & receive
$0.09 $0.19^ $0.09 $0.09

For complete pricing of local and international calls see the Rate Finder

^ $0.19 in over 80 countries. For a full list of rates see here.

  1. Rates are per minute for local and international calls.
  2. SMS rates are for both international and local destinations.
  3. All rates are in USD unless otherwise specified.
  4. PAYG credit can only be used for Local and International Calls and Texts.
  5. Please ensure you have an active Data Bundle if you wish to use the internet on this service.

Bundles can be purchased during checkout, during activation or post-activation by logging into your account.

Calls and Text Bundle


Notes for the Calls & Texts bundle

  1. Bundle can only be used to make Local Calls and Texts.
  2. All Calls and Texts received (including International) will be deducted from the bundle.
  3. Outgoing International Calls and Texts will be deducted from your PAYG Credit, and is not included in the Bundle.
  4. Bundle credit expires 30 days from date of purchase.
  5. Fair use policy applies with call minutes capped at 1000 minutes and Texts capped at 3000 Texts.
  6. Upon completion or expiry of the Bundle the service will revert to using PAYG credit.

Data Bundles


Notes for the Data bundle

  1. Bundled data charged in increments of 1MB.
  2. Bundle credit expires 30 days from date of purchase.

USA 4G North America Highlights:

USA 4G North America Key Features:

Please Note:The USA 4G SIM card is not designed for international roaming. It will not work in Alaska, Canada or Mexico.

North America

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