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Europe SIM Card

The Europe SIM card offers low rates for calls, texts and data all across Europe and to 6 additional major travel destinations, including the USA, Russia, New Zealand and Australia. To find the rates for calls, texts and data for a specific country, please use our

If you are looking for domestic SIM cards, please use the map below for the different local SIM cards we offer.

Europe Europe Highlights:

  • Make calls: from $0.25/min
  • Receive calls: from $0.25/min
  • No connection fee
  • Send text messages: from $0.25
  • Receive text messages: $0.25
  • Prepaid Data: from $0.25/MB
  • Credit: $10 included
  • Rate Finder

Europe Europe Key Features:

  • Comes with a Global +44 phone number
  • Premium calling experience, that is, no callback. Make calls like you normally do at home.
  • Prepaid, so no contracts, monthly fees or bill shock
  • Real time online call records and recharge receipts
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Easy to set up forwarding of your existing number
  • Recharge via phone, web, or enable Auto-Recharge
  • All-in-one SIM Card - One SIM fits all handsets and tablets

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