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Dominican Republic SIM Cards

Travel the Dominican Republic with a local prepaid SIM card and international cell phone for the best coverage and lowest cost cell phone calling.

Having a Dominican Republic cell phone while doing business in Santo Domingo or relaxing in a Punta Cana resort is essential in terms of security and convenience.

Alternatively for broad coverage and competitive rates in the Dominican Republic, buy an International SIM Card before you commence your trip. This service is prepaid and there is no requirement for a deposit, credit-check or contract. When compared to buying separate SIM cards for all the countries you are visiting, it is also highly affordable. Unlike a Dominican Republic cell phone rental, outgoing and incoming rates are relatively low cost, and there are no daily rental fees.

Due to the complicated process of obtaining and registering a local SIM card for foreigners in Dominican Republic, we recommend the following pre-activated SIM for use in Dominican Republic