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November 19, 2014


Without mentioning a certain high-profile company’s reported high-profile design flaw, there are plenty of other ways to damage your Smartphone. Insurers Squaretrade have compiled a survey showing which US states are the clumsiest when it comes to looking after their handsets. Utah, take a – careful – bow.

Of course, dropping your phone into the sea, a hole in the ground or even a large animal is not a solely American pastime. Squaretrade have done their due diligence and surveyed Europe as well. The winners here are Greece, Italy and Spain. Congratulations, guys!

Of course, if you do find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you’re watching your phone disappear from view, it’s not just your phone that’s gone – it’s your SIM card too. Fortunately, you can insure your Telestial roaming SIM card against damage or loss with lifetime protection – just select the option at the checkout!