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International GPRS and 3G Data Service

The Telestial international data service, allows you to read and send emails and access the Internet using your phone while traveling in over 160 international destinations. Data Bill Shock is becoming increasingly common for international travelers. One woman even incurred a bill of over $200,000 from using Data internationally whilst on holiday for two weeks! Telestial offers a range of International Data SIM card services with rates starting as low as 29c per MB in the USA and 39c (in over 25 countries). Compared to the standard published International Data rates of the major carriers - which range from $10 to $20 per MB - this is a bargain!


Available on the following SIM cards:

Passport US Lite
SIM Card

Passport US
SIM Card

Passport US Plus
SIM Card

Works with our USB modem:

Huawei E160
USB Modem


Prepaid GPRS Data is available in 160 countries.

Prepaid 3G data is available 95 countries. In order to access pre-paid 3G data, you must have a 3G phone and you must select the applicable 3G network operator for the country you are in.

Tip 1: In order to access Prepaid Data you may need to select a different network from the network on which you make and receive calls and in some small countries you may need to enter 2 followed by your PIN when turning your phone on. Please refer to the coverage list for the provider you will need to select, and if you need to enter 2 followed by your PIN.

Tip 2: In order to access Prepaid Data in the United States and Canada simply enter your PIN when turning on your phone (do not enter 3 followed by the PIN). When using data in the United States and Canada you won't be able to make calls.

Tip 3: 3G is a relatively new standard, and in general is only available in major cities.

Tip 4: The majority of GPRS phones can download data at speeds of up to 24kbps (kilobytes per second), and upload data at speeds of up to 14 kbps. 3G speeds are generally significantly faster than GPRS (although they vary by handset model). If you wish to use your phone for accessing the internet and responding to email, we recommend purchasing a 3G phone.

Tip 5: Many smart phone handsets automatically run applications that will use data such as push email, weather applications, location services, etc. We recommend that you disable automatic applications on your Smart phone when roaming.


Rates are quoted in MB (Megabyte) of data used. The minimum charge is for 100KB (100 Kilobytes) and usage is charged in increments of 100KB. A minimum charge of 50c per data session applies. Please note that 1 MB is equal to 1024 KB. Rates vary according to the service you intend to purchase. Click on the relevant service below for data rates for that service.

Phone configuration

Your phone must be configured to work with our Prepaid Data service.

Click here to Configure your Phone

If the automatic phone configuration process does not show your model of phone, please click here for instructions on how to manually configure your phone. View user guide to configure your iPad (426KB PDF)

Please note: WAP and Internet access, email, instant messaging, and MMS are features of many phones, but not all. Prepaid data is required to enable these features if they are available on your phone. Please check which features are supported by your phone.

You can enable or disable a data connection to your SIM card.
To enable data dial 313. To disable data dial 312

Setting up email

View user guide for full instructions (52KB PDF)