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International and long distance calls Back to top

Save up to 70% on calls from 151 countries to over 200 countries in the world. Check out our great rates today. Stay in touch while you travel with the assurance that you are in control of your call costs using your prepaid account. Don't have a credit card? Telestial's Collect call (Reverse charge call service) is an easy and convenient way to phone home, even if you don't have any credit on your calling card account.

Recharge Back to top

Recharge your account anywhere, anytime. Simply recharge via the web, recharge over the phone using our Self-service recharge menu, or if you prefer to speak to someone, call our 24-hour Customer Service. Alternatively, setup Auto-recharge and you'll never have to worry about recharging again!

Voicemail Back to top

Family and friends can leave you messages at no cost to them! Retrieve your messages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week over the phone (charges apply) or listen to them online. You can also send one voicemail to a group of family and friends using Group voicemail.

Faxmail Back to top

Compose a message just like an email and send it to a fax machine. Send a fax from a fax machine to your Inbox and view it on the website.

Listen to email Back to top

Listen to your email, reply to, delete or forward email all from the convenience of your home, work or mobile phone. Set up auto forward from your alternate email account to your Telestial account. That way you can review all your emails whilst you are traveling.

Speed dial Back to top

Save up to 7 telephone numbers you regularly use so you can then dial them with a single number. Plus, save the access number for the countries you are traveling to on your mobile phone to make it even easier to call 7 people anywhere in the world.

24-hour, multilingual Customer Service Back to top

Customer Service is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Contact Telestial's 24-hour, multilingual Customer Service over the phone by dialing the toll-free Access number for the country you are in.

Access number text message Back to top

Send a text message to Telestial for the latest access number for the country you are in or traveling to. Telestial will send you a reply text message containing the access numbers you requested.

Online account history Back to top
View and print your online billing and calling history that shows all the transactions you've made including related costs and credits.
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