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Apple iPhone 5C 16GB

The iPhone 5C takes everything that was amazing about the iPhone 5 to a whole new level. With the powerful A6 Processor the iPhone 5C will do everything fast, except drain your battery. Not only does iPhone 5C have one of the worlds most popular Cameras, GPS, Maps, 4G Data - iPhone 5C has one of the most advanced cellular radios allowing you to connect with blazing fast speed to almost any wireless carrier world wide. iPhone 5C is the perfect companion to for your next trip.


  • Works Globally
  • HAC compatible (M3/T4)
  • 4" Retina Display
  • 8 MP Camera
  • 1080p Video recording
  • GPS, Compass, Bluetooth
Apple iPhone 5C 16GB

Apple iPhone 5C 16GB

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