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When do you need a satellite phone?


What is a satellite phone?


Satellite phones help you stay connected in areas where regular cell phone reception is not available, even in the most remote regions of the world. Unlike traditional cell phones that receive a signal through land-based towers, a satellite phone connects via signals from satellites orbiting the Earth.

The biggest benefit a satellite phone offers is the ability to make calls, send texts and even emails virtually anywhere around the globe.



Where and when should I consider traveling with a satellite phone?


Satellite phones are the most trustworthy way of communicating while traveling through a remote area. Hunting or fishing trips, island tours, cruise ships, forests, mountain regions, jungles, deserts... these are just a few examples of when a satellite phone is a must-have for an emergency situation.They are crucial for travelers taking part in extreme sports or high-risk activities in areas with difficult access or no cell phone signal, for these travelers, having a reliable mean of communication is something vital.

Hikers, climbers, kayakers and similar adventurers quite often carry satellite phones.



Satellite Phone Options


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