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What Is An International SIM?

An International SIM gives your phone access to multiple cellular networks around the world. This allows travelers to use their phones overseas without having to pay the high costs of roaming services from their local provider.



What are the benefits of an International SIM?


With an International SIM you:

  1. Organize your cell phone experience before your trip.
  2. Stay connected while avoiding expensive roaming charges.
  3. Use your phone in countries where buying a local SIM is not possible or involves a risky process (for example, giving up personal information). Getting a local SIM Card can sometimes be complicated and take too much of your valuable leisure time.
  4. Top up directly from your phone while on the go rather than dealing with foreign SIM card processes.
  5. Experience countries more like a local, with quick and safe access to Google Maps and other more localized information apps, no more risky public Wi-Fi.
  6. Keep the same phone number across multiple countries.


How do International SIM Cards work?


International SIMs work like your regular local SIM card, they connect to nearby cell towers which then transmit your information to the correct recipient. Providers of International SIM Cards, like Telestial, have agreements with numerous local telcos who own and operate cell towers, that way you can easily connect to a network in Paris, Sydney, Buenos Aires or even Timbuktu.


International SIM Card requirements


To use an International SIM Card your device must be travel-ready:

  1. Your device needs to be unlocked. Learn more about ensuring your device is unlocked and how to do it here.
  2. Your device needs to be compatible with the frequencies available at your destination. Learn about device frequency here.

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